Life at SignalChem

Core Values

We promote inclusion and participation in a team-focused environment. Our culture values the individual, but understand that success is a team effort and so we share ideas and perspectives freely.

Commitment and Passion
We expect from every employee the motivation, hard-work, engagement and dedication required to succeed in a highly competitive environment.

We are driven to promote a culture to be creative and promote continuous improvements.

We will always do what is morally and ethically right and we stand strong on the promises made to our clients and to the world. We take responsibility for our actions, inactions, and the impact they have on each other, our clients, and the world at large.

We work in a fun, positive environment where we care about our relationships with our coworkers, clients and partners.

We are committed to deliver the highest quality of results in all aspects of our work and in our relationships.

We are committed to making our team’s work experience challenging, rewarding and fun. While working at SignalChem Lifesciences, you will be recognized and rewarded for your contributions through our comprehensive compensation and benefits package that includes:

○ Competitive Salary
○ Stock Option Plan
○ Comprehensive Health & Dental Benefits
○ Professional Development & Training Support