Exploring the Untapped Kinome Targets for Better Targeted Therapies

SignalChem Lifesciences Corporation (“SLC”), headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, is a clinical-stage company developing novel targeted therapies for oncology. Its unique business model has been built upon four important pillars: Drug Discovery and Development, the Bioreagents and Research Services business, In-Vitro Diagnostic Development and Plant Biosynthesis System. A group of scientists with extraordinary expertise and experience in protein engineering and drug discovery are working together cohesively to provide the best products and services to its customers around the world and to maximize the efficiency of its own drug discovery efforts.

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SignalChem Biotech Inc., established in 2004, is a biotech company focused on the research, development and production of innovative and high-quality human recombinant cell signaling products.


SignalChem Diagnostics Corp. focus on the development, manufacturing, sales and technical services of IVD products, including Enzymes, Antigens/Allergens, Antibodies and Molecular Diagnostic Materials as well as In-Vitro Diagnostic Assay Kits.


SignalChem Plantech Corp. is the world leader in developing and using plant expression system for production of recombinant proteins and secondary metabolites in green plants..